27.10.2020 10:45

E-Inspection - new possibilities

Nowadays, when business trips are difficult, our company, taking care of the safety of our customers, introduces a new method of machine inspection. E-inspection, thanks to which you can safely inspect the machine you are interested in without leaving your workplace or home. Below is information on exactly how the E-Inspection process works.

1. Our website contains used machines that are currently on sale. Basic information about the machine and some photos are available there.
2. After selecting the machine, please contact the sales department to inform about your willingness to conduct e-inspection.
3. Our employee will inform about the availability of the machine and answer your questions. During this conversation, an initial date for e-inspection will also be set and the possibility of testing your material (e.g. printing, confection). The date will be confirmed after talking to the machine owner.
4. We can conduct e-inspection in several ways:
a. Telephone connection - during which information about the machine will be provided on an ongoing basis and it will be possible to ask questions to the current owner.
b. Live Video - it is possible to create a videoconference during which you will be able to see the operation of the machine live and check the selected machine elements.
c. Text chat (WhatsApp) - during our visit to the customer, you will be able to record a video of the machine's operation, which will be immediately sent to you. You will also be able to ask questions or request additional photos.
5. After the e-inspection, our employees will contact you to agree on all commercial and logistic conditions (eg disassembly, transport). After specifying all the information, a contract will be sent to you, which will contain the order confirmation.