Biodegradable material


Our company is the official distributor of Novamont biodegradable plastics. The Italian manufacturer is recognized all over the world due to its quality and development, which leads to the emergence of better and better variants of environmentally friendly plastics. The Novamont company has been specializing in this field since 1989, constantly improving its products, while maintaining what is most important, i.e. ecological awareness. Italians focus on the revitalization of closed centers, thanks to which, for example, on the site of an old chemical factory, a bio-refinery was established, in which chemical compounds used in the production of biodegradable plastics are obtained - Mater-Bi.

Mater-Bi is the generic name for all plastics that are produced by Novamont. There are over a dozen types of these materials. They are divided on the basis of the final product, i.e. cutlery, shopping bags, bags for vegetables and fruit, packaging foil, laminating foil, coffee capsules, agricultural foil. The main ingredient of these materials is corn starch. The rest of the ingredients are referred to by Novamont as Origo-Bi (PBAT). Some of these substances are created, inter alia, in a bio-refinery. Body creams, for example, are obtained from the "by-products" of the bio-refinery production process. Depending on the intended use of the product and the required parameters, a different percentage of the granulate is selected. The material that is commonly used on European markets for the advertising bag for vegetables and fruit has as much as 50% of renewable raw materials in its composition. The goal of the Novamont company is to achieve the level of 100%.

All these materials are biodegradable and compostable and comply with the European standard EN 13432, for which they have appropriate certificates. Depending on the application, these are:

OK Compost - this means that the product is broken down in industrial composting plants
OK Home Compost - this means that the product is broken down in home composters
OK Biodegradable Soil - this means that the product in question decomposes in the soil
Food contact declaration - EU no. 10/2011